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The San Carlos Apache Tribe transit services are provided under the name of Nnee Bich’o Nii Services. In Apache it means “Helping the People” which is the most important reason for our transportation services.

Transit services are available to reservation residents who are employed, low-income, elderly, disabled or others desiring rides. Transit is provided to attend to out-of-home activities that may not be available otherwise.

Nnee Bich’o Nii Services provide a viable method of attending to individual and family needs..

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Rules & Regulations

Mandated by:

US Government

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Dept. Of Motor Vehicle

US Federal Transportation

SC Apache Transit

Elders and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):

A recent survey identified that there were over 3,000 elders registered with the San Carlos Apache Tribe. Elders and the disabled are important within the Apache culture. Nnee Bich’o Nii has dedicated transit staff for serving this population. This provides opportunities for these individuals by working in collaboration with the Older Adult Center. Many of the elders and disabled residents become dependent on friends and relatives to provide transportation for their basic needs limiting their independence. Nnee Bich’o Nii allows elders to ride based on a donation. Many of these elderly and disabled ride for free allowing this to be less expensive for these individuals.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Nnee Bich’ o Nii provides transportation to participants in the TANF program. Effective April 2016, the tribe will be operating the full TANF program including eligibility and case management.  Many of these participants do not have transportation available. This service provides transportation to training and employment opportunities and etc.

Nnee Bich’o Nii Mission Statement Open Monday-Friday 5:30 am to 4:30 pm   Closed weekends   and holidays

S.C.T.I. routes

SCTI ROUTE #2.pdf FEE  SCHEDULE : All fees listed are one-way San Carlos to Apache Gold…$1.50 San Carlos to Safford………..$3.50 San Carlos to Globe…….……$1.50 San Carlos - Peridot area……$1.00 Nolines to Ft Thomas…….…..$2.00 Bylas to San Carlos…………$1.50 Bylas to Safford………………$2.50 Bylas to Apache Gold………$3.00 Bylas to Ft Thomas…….……$1.00 Ft Thomas to Safford……….$1.50

San Carlos - Whiteriver transit

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Apache Transit Conference 2018

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